Kyuhyun 규현

Birth Name : Cho Kyuhyun (조규현)

Also Known As : Kyuhyun (규현)

Chinese name : Gui Xian (趙 奎 賢)

English Name : Markus Cho

Nickname : Game Kyu (겜규) , Jumong Kyu (주몽규) , Chic Kyu (시크규)

Birth Date : February 3, 1988,Seoul Nohwon (서울 노원) (서울)

Religion : Christian

Height : 180 cm

Weight : 68 kg

Blood Type : A

Siblings : Older Sister, Cho Ara

Hobby : Singing, Listening to music, Watching movies

Education : Currently a student at Kyunghee University (경희대학교), Post Modern Music major

Genre : Pop, Dance, R&B

Instruments : Piano, Clarinet

Occupations :

Labels : SM Entertainment

Kyuhyun’s Facts :

1. Kyuhyun is very greedy! When in the cafeteria, he ordered food so much until he had a Chubby cheeks .. But, when’ve come debuted with Super Junior, he had adiet and be skinny like Eunhyuk .. Even after the accident, his weight dropped 20 pounds!

2. Do you know that Kyuhyun’s condition since the accident is up and down .. The Hyungs automatically give so much attention to him. Because not to comfortable with the attitude of the Hyung .. Kyuhyun often slightly acting up .. He never pretended to say not feeling well, if it were so the direct Hyung panic and at least 6-10 hyungs come to him and asked about his health

3. Ryeowook said that Kyuhyun the cute independent.. Although sometimes the cuteness is over .. Each stack of gifts from fans, Kyuhyun must continue to be surprised! Just like he was not aware if he was one of the singer with the most many fans! Ryeowook wants to be like him too.

4. His family consisted of father, mother, and her sister ..

5. When the age of 16/17 years, Kyuhyun was follow-up Buddy Star Contest * * Some kind of singing contest and won the champion of the 3rd

6. Kangin wanted to say to the other Suju members that “You Should listen to Hyung’s words!” If Kyuhyun again talking proverbs ..

7. If sleeping,, Kyuhyun’s snored is definitely very loud! So if Kyuhyun asleep, Another member of SuJu co Kyuhyun Oppa nutupin certainly use a pillow! * Wow .. can not breath is that?? *

8. Kyuhyun was not good-very good cook! Once he had cooked ramyon for all of SuJu members .. But he added very much owater until it became soft ramyeon!

9. First Kyuhyun  would fry Ham, it turns out he was wrong oil enter, until Kangin  who  taught Kyuhyun  are confused about what to cook..

10. Kyuhyu most believed myth ama! Kyuhyun said that if he put the socks in front of the door, Santa will give him a gift .. Well because Kyuhyun  want big prize, so he hung his pants rather than socks!

11. Kyuhyun Oppa most likes to play games! If it play the game .. he often lose track of time! The night Super junior members had a night-work .. Kyuhyun  will look fresh again if already play the game! Zhou Mi of SuJu M also become jealous saw him like that! And then Donghae too often woke up screaming because heard Kyuhyun. Left Donghae coming asked what was wrong .. Kyuhyun Oppa just answered “Nothing .. I’ve just lost (playing games) ”

12. Kyuhyun Favorite Game is: “Thousand Years”, Sudden Attack, “Starcraft” and “Diablo” .. and Brand Favorites Doublesice * Kyuhyun Oppa ie nobody ever heard?? *

13. Film & Kyuhyun Oppa favorite Korean Drama: “The Big Swindle”,, “Jumong”, “Lovers in Paris”,, “Dae Jo Yeong” & “My Sassy Girl” was so liked the same * My Sassy Girl, Kyuhyun Oppa until memorized song -song! *

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