About Me


My name is Kim YuRin ^-^

I was born in 21th june 1993 at Makassar city, Indonesia..

I decided to make this blog just because i love Super Junior so much, especially Ryeowook and Kyuhyun ^^

Well, i’ll tell you about how the process i begin to like Super Junior..

At first, I became like Super Junior because of my friend at school. She really liked Super Junior and always tells the latest information as well as those already passed on to me super Junior. He also began to show me their picture. At the beginning I saw their picture, I said to her : “I Better like Korean boyband FT Island than Super Junior. But, she still did not despair every day showed me pictures of  Super Junior and tell me the story of Super Junior EHB, Dream Team, etc., which she watched from youtube.

Finally, I began to wonder about the Super Junior until I started trying to find the photos and information about Super Junior from my handphone. My Friend had also started to sent me Super Junior’s songs and the videos testimonial. Super Junior’s first song that comes into my handphone is a Super Junior’s song  titled Happiness. Then she started to sent me MV No other. I was starting to like Yesung. I saw the MV No Other which I thought was really cool at the time. I became very fond of Yesung. I think he’s really cool at the time of  holding the balloon. I was telling my friend at school that now I like Yesung. she herself at that moment like Siwon because oh watch out My Lady.

Because I tell if I like Yesung, she sent me Yesung’s song, entitled It Has To Be You and videos Yesung singing It Has To Be You on Music Bank. She advised  me to watch Oh My Lady. And, a few days later, I watched Oh My Lady. Not long after, I started switch to like Siwon and began to really like Super Junior. After my Oh My Lady movie graduated, I still love Super Junior and start listening to songs such as Super Junior who Bonamana, Endless Love, I Am, Super Girl, Blue Tomorrow, and more.

I started watching  again MV No Other, and all of a sudden when I watch the MV, I feel that Lee Teuk is very fascinating. I started to really like Lee Teuk. And I told my friend at school when Lee Teuk really cool and has charisma. I’m very interested in Lee Teuk.

Until a few days later, I was watching Super Junior EHB Episode 8 of crying. At that time, episodes of tears. I saw Eunhyuk and Ryeowook of Super Junior dikerjai will disperse and they end up crying. At Ryeowook cried, I felt like Ryeowook sweet and I have a separate interest at the time. Until the time Ryeowook dikerjai know if he was, he was just a little laugh and went on crying, I think it was very sweet.

At school, I met with my friend, and she said that she now likes Kyuhyun and I told him that I love Ryeowook. What’s more when I watch re-MV No Other I feel very cute Ryeowook there.

Then, when at home I started looking for information about Super Junior, I find information about the fact that Kyuhyun could not help but laugh and find the clip art Kyuhyun was laughing on stage while dancing Sorry sorry. Then I saw a photo Kyuhyun who went to KFC to wear a mask, I began to feel he was funny and got interested in Kyuhyun, plus more when I read the information about the testimony of accidents and Kyuhyun that time about his father who supports inmpian Kyuhyun, I also switched to Kyuhyun. But, maybe because I still really like Ryeowook, Kyuhyun I just switch to for a few days.

A few months later, I’m entrusted buy Super Show 2 tapes to my friends at school and I watch it at my house. When introducing themselves the members of Super Junior, I saw Ryeowook style a bit strange and I saw Eunhyuk style which I thought was very cool and sexy. Not to mention, I think Eunhyuk’s face at a concert Super Show 2 is very strong. And I remember the kindness to members of other member Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun about the story when he was an accident, I turned to Eunhyuk.

And so my story. Until now, I still really like Eunhyuk ~

Kamsahamnida ^^

  1. September 23, 2010 at 3:17 am

    Hi, nice to meet you !

    • allaboutsuperjunior
      October 7, 2010 at 11:25 am

      nice to meet you too

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    so place my link too in your blog

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    October 23, 2010 at 11:10 am

    your blog ranking is 12.133.307

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