Part 1

The Story of Yesung and the tortoise

Yesung, one of the best sound mempunuai in Super Junior, and he did very well, to the extent possible he’ll make you could not even say anything, and he often looked at with blank stares, in contrast to artists who often do you see on stage. Very cute, a member of Super Junior on this one. Perhaps because kepribadiannyalah, a sentence that will go straight into your mind is he’s a bit simple-minded [T / N: Note, the author does not mean this in a bad manner, but rather an affectionate manner. In Japanese, he would be Referred to as a 天然 ボケ and the closest thing I cans get to in Bahasa is Either blur case / clueless. Or well. Natural airhead? The story happened when he was in the dorm. I mentioned this before that he was very easily bored, and he does not like to be alone.
One day, when Yesung Heechul came into the room, he found “I can not stand alone” was Heechul’ve got a cat! So he thought, “I also have to have a pet as well. Maybe I will not feel alone and bored. “And then he went looking for their own pets. Animals that eventually he bought there is a turtle that cost 350,000 won. In Japan, around 30.500 yen ~ 30,600 yen. At first, she treated it with a good pet, always give love, even gave a funny name. Yesung named “Ddangkoma” (meaning Japanese Chibi / small or dwarf in english). Ddangkoma, which became – a playmate? family? – Yesung, pets give it at home with a place like the shape of the glass aquarium. Unlike kucungnya who can be invited to play Heechul, Yesung turtle is no more a pet that can only be seen through the glass only. For someone who buys a pet to relieve boredom, after watching the tortoise for hours, instead will make her MORE boring…. For some reason, this really seems to want to do Yesung is not it?

Is Siwon Ok Ok if You later Get Married?

As a fan, when you heard about the idol you are involved in a relationship or getting married, whether you will be envious and jealous direct? This is a rumor of the most charismatic member of this group, Choi Siwon. Siwon live in Gangnam District in Seoul. If you compare in Japan, where he lived like in Ginza or Roppongi (T / N: idk anything about Korea, but if we’re talking about Ginza or Roppongi, you cans compare That to say, the more expensive areas of LA? Not Quite Beverly Hills status yet, but close.). Siwon was the son of a head of trading company, and may be practically a boy ‘noble’. Rumors evolved around the fans say:
“In the contract Siwon oppa, he’s written there can be married even though she still follows the activities of Super Junior, or are still in the entertainment world.”
When I (the writer) thinks, “That’s absolutely not true …”, it seems to me like “If that’s Siwon, then it is probably only one exception is made” – I (the author) simply can not imagine in my head.
This is not just a rumor among fans but actually in the contract itself, then it is one of the unique conditions

Heechul Revenge By Excessive

Among fans, Heechul is best known as the “4D” (in Korean, is a call to someone who is expressing himself and his opinions with the unexpected.) Where there is a situation “Heechul-ish” that occurred between a fan and Heechul. A fan fired a water pistol to Heechul. Usually the reaction will be obtained if you sprayed a water gun and you will say “Stop ~” or “Wait ~!” When he was pursuing his fans, but the character 4D Heechull pembalasannya very surprising. What did he prepare for his fans who had shot him with a water pistol? He took two liters of water and fired it back toward the fan until it was soaking wet! After that, he just chuckled to see the fans are soaked. Fans were probably very surprised, wet-basahan like that. But actually, it is very ignorant and of course Heechul will do it. What? You said you want to wet-basahan like that too?

Please Further Not Heechul

Lee Soo Man, head of S.M. Entertainment has a bad image among fans. For all that he lakikan forming groups such as HOT, Shinhwa, DBSK and Super Junior who has become a superstar and also make them increasingly known in the world of Korean music, the fans still do not have a good impression on him.
A bit strange, Super Junior fans are still grateful to him. Is it because he created Super Junior? Or because the characters personality?
No, the above mentioned not at all. Looks like it because “they accept the 4D Heechul to the group.”
According to the vocal coach (who also trains the author as well), Yong Ho Moon, even during the day to their hearts in TRAINNING, Heechul very outspoken person, and also have tended radical idea, dimanas often create headaches Lee Soo Man made. If you think like this, that’s why the fans should be grateful to Lee Soo Man …

Am I Robot ?

Now this is about Heechul. As expected from the character 4D Super Junior Heechul, Heechul always give the funny comments and funny stories as well. All the people, would know that happened to Heechul accident in 2006. The accident occurred kerika he was filming the drama “Rainbow Romance”, and when Donghae’s father died. After the shooting, Heechul and his manager went to Mokpo to visit his father’s funeral Donghae. After returning from the funeral, Heechul and his manager had an accident. At about 5.30am in the morning in Chungcheongnam-do – at the intersection of Dangjin when trying menyali larger vehicles by changing lanes, his tire suddenly not moving and Heechul car collided with a divider of the highway. As a result, one of the injuries are, femurnya cracked and must be propped up a metal rod to put in his leg. If you think about it, at least you can feel the pain he had to face, but the problem is because there is a metal rod in his leg. When going through airport customs, metal pendekteksi will light then the customs officer will come to him and asked a routine question, “Are you carrying a metallic material in your pocket?” And asked her for the detection again. Of course, the metal rod in his leg would turn pendektesi metal. Looks like the officer did not understand about the condition of Heechul, even with a laugh, he asked, “Are you a robot?” Perhaps the officer actually knew about her accident but she found it in a strange place! Still, he called for someone with the title robot

Goodness Ryeowook

Fans may already know this? In Super Junior, Ryeowook like a mother figure, like cooking, even though she felt tired, he’ll make food for the members. On October 15 at 10.15, Ryeowook prepare some food and say to Donghae’s birthday. Not only bought him a cake and a gift, he also prayed for him on time where the same month and day when Donghae was born, while preparing food for Donghae; situation is not very romantic. Fans Ryeowook, do you imagine yourself as Donghae in a flash?

Donghae .. it’s very, very bad!

The three singers in a subgroup Super Junior: Super Junior KRY This was the incident between the leader KRY, Yesung, and Donghae the poor. One day while listening to the song KRY Yesung, Donghae Yesung came into the room. “Wow, hyung! This is a very good song! Who sings it? “With Donghae asked innocently.
Yesung could only answer “This is our song”
To be of the mind, one member asked “who’s this song?” Oh, Donghae.

Do or die Yesung!

Everyone, as a student there are times when you want to dye your hair? Of course, every school there are rules that must be obeyed disni, and sometimes there is a very disciplined with color and length of hair, especially for men. Korean schools are usually more disciplined than the schools in Japan and coloring hair is against the rules.
This is the time of Super Junior’s Yesung coloring his hair red. Yesung knew that he would get in trouble with colored hair like that, so for that to happen, he is wearing a helmet and go to class while still wearing a helmet. When a teacher saw him wearing a helmet, the teacher told Yesung, “Take off his helmet” with an attitude of giving a warning.
Yesung racked his brains how to have his helmet was not released, and he immediately said:
“My head is too big, so I can not let go!”. From there he eventually became a legend in the high school.

Bad joke Ryeowook

This situation occurs in one day. Ryeowook suddenly ran to Leeteuk and said, “Hyung! Eunhyuk hyung crazy! He brought a GIRL back to the dorm! “Bringing girls to the hostel arranged by BC Entertainment is something that is not allowed and if there are any questions later! There Jikananti scandal happened. Leeteuk is afraid, “Does he know how important period for us today? What was he thinking?!! “With the other members behind him, they went upstairs dormitory. And in fact, they are a pair of ladies shoes at the entrance! “This is inexcusable!” with the same thought in every mind the other members, they immediately headed to the room Eunhyuk. The woman who they see when they open the door was his mother who was visiting Eunhyuk and was giving advice to his son! Expense to the dimaikan Ryeowook-hyung hyungnya. Many of those who caught this joke!

Strawberry Incident

Ryeowook, most keep the other members are like a mother figure to her children, one who will feel satisfied if they see members eat food that she prepared for the members, very good at all. Even so, one person where Yesung ever have thought, “I want to kill you!” to the member who is sweet and wise.
Yesung radio listeners in the earlier “Miracle for You” may have heard this story.
When Ryeowook and Donghae were eating strawberries in the room, Donghae Yesung thought to invite to join him eat and finally called Yesung. Perhaps because of the amount will be depleted if Yesung strawberrynya join them, Ryeowook said: “It would be better if the two of us who eat them! Why you should call him as well? ~ ”
Ryeowook denies that he ever said anything like that but Yesung said she was very sad when I heard about it, and at the same time she immediately thought “I want to kill him!
Maybe it’s Yesung, as his hyung had fondly told dongsaengnya, Ryeowook and feel jealous, with thoughts like that, he said, “Why are you just good to just Donghae?

A mother who has special rights in all existing households

This is a funny story that maybe the fans already know. One of the people who are very tough and most resilient, Kangin. Perhaps, because he makes his body like that, or maybe his body is naturally like that, in this case, the father is the most affecting Kangin Kangin life. In Korea, followers of Confucius was stronger than in Japan, and not just Kangin, but others as well, a child should not be against the wishes of her parents and is very rare that a child does not listen to what parents say. This is the type of thought or a moral from a powerful family in Korea. Thus, to Kangin, his parents not just as individuals who respect him and he listened, but there are times when, there is a force to be reckoned too. It seems when Kangin was young, he never saw his mother doing taekwondo with a kick turn. After seeing it, he is more afraid of his mother than his own father! A mother with a kick play? If in my mind might be a father with a kick play will be more feared! In celebration of Super Junior fanmeeting third after their debut, member-members hope that his fans to prepare something. You must set up something right? You will provide time to retrieve it, so take it! And apparently, the fans do not have anything to prepare for these members. Poor.

Do not ever dared interrupt my son

Fans who have met with Yesung mother may know of this incident.
Yesung parent has a restaurant in Hongdae, Seoul (more details in chapter Yesung). The author went to the restaurant, and many spoke with Yesung mother talking about her son. (Unfortunately, this interview is not written in the book).
There was a member who likes to tease sometimes even happily interrupt Yesung. Absolutely, who else if not Kangin. Actually, not Kangin Yesung is really tempting, but more to how Kangin express themselves give affection and show his friendship with Yesung. Kangin Yesung tease on the radio.
And it seems Kangin Yesung got a call from his mother and immediately reprimanded on the spot! It’s really a mother who has special rights! But in fact a member of Super Junior is very close to each other, and even they are also close to the parents of each member. For yesung mother, Kangin was like her son alone and his mother have thought, “Fellow brothers must not disturb each other!” when his mother called and said Kangin sepert it.

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