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110114 Kibum Twitter Update

Big snowflakes falling on the way home ^-^ (First) selca I’ve taken in 2~3 yearsㅎㅎ

My favourite food kimchi friend riceㅎRT @eunjinsocial: http://twitpic.com/3ppfsr The kimchi fried rice that Kibum always orders when coming to Dakea* at this hour!! Sumin’s request to upload it on Twitter! ㅋEven right now, Kibumee is in the midst of eating kimchi fried rice~ㅋㅋ
*Dakea (다케아) is the name of a restaurant.

@eunjinsocial @basszinny Until now I still don’t know what a rt is

@haeun7haeun Haeun-sshi, is it your birthday today?

@eunjinsocial Is there really a school uniform gathering today or was it a joke?ㅎ

@tjwltmdsla @iamnotjerk (I’ll) buy (you) lunch

Sunoh-ssaem*(, the one who has) done my hair for 8 years.. (She’s) going to England to further her studies.. (I’m) mindlessly upset and the realization hasn’t hit yet..
*Ssaem (쌤) is a cuter and short-form term for 선생님 which means teacher. But it has increasingly come to be a term for people who have helped them out or taught them something.

Source: @ikmubmik
Translated by Euodsie@SJ-WORLD.NET
Credits : sup3rjunior.wordpress.com
Posted By : Kim YuRin (allaboutsuperjunior.wordpress.com)

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