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Ryeowook’s Grandmother Recently Passed Away

It was revealed today that Ryeowook of Super Junior recently lost his grandmother. She passed away during the Gayo Daejun held at the end of last year.

On December 30th, 2010, Ryeowook wrote on his fancafe, “Day by day as for my grandma who passed yet there’s nothing that I can do.. I’m really sorry.”

On January 3rd, Heechul revealed on Youngstreet that “during the Gayo Daejun, our Ryeowook went through a sad incident. His grandmother passed away. However, he insisted in finishing the performance, he is very strong. This makes me think of my grandmother and grandfather. Now let’s listen to Ryeowook’s One Fine Spring Day.”

In late June of 2010, Ryeowook mentioned in a fancafe entry that his grandmother had lung cancer. Because she only had six months to live, fans showed their well-wishes for Ryeowook’s grandmother. They brought a message to the Kyochon’s fansign event in Shanghai that read, “(Your) grandmother will be well again. Don’t be worried ^^ Fighting!!!” Some female fans also folded a thousand paper cranes to present as a gift.

ELFs showed their support for the singer by making “#bestrongryeowook” a trending topic on Twitter.

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Posted By : Kim YuRin (allabousuperjunior.wordpress.com)

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