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Asian Wave Spread beyond Europe

[OSEN] Asian wave spread beyond Europe.

Especially in Romania, Korean singers have fan clubs that are focusing in regular meetings and so on,and this situation goes for cuture exchange as well. according to our correspondent in Romania, Kim ByeongSoo, in the last 7 days, the main fan clubs organized “Loving Korea” that was held in the capital Bucharest.

This event was planned together with R.A.F. (Korean Drama and Music fanclub), ‘Mirotic Cristal Romania’ (DBSK’s Romanian fanclib), Primadonna Romania (FTI’s Romania fanclib and E.L.F Romania (Super Junior’s Romania fanclub).

The beginning of August – the holiday time for Romania. Romanian fans spent more then 10 hours on the territory wide to be transported over the long distance and it was not expected to have such a big progress from the fans.
However, unlike expected, the feast organized with love by Romania fangirls was a success. Even if the stars didn’t attended this event, there were 150 people (fans) who attended, they watched videos of their favorites singers and the atmosphere was like in a concert. Our correspondent said “They call it ‘singing alone’ (karaoke) and they had like 40 songs” and “they also had a dance party (dance battle)” that was amazing.

Korean dramas such as Dae Jang Geum, Yi San and Queen Seondeok aired in Romania and introduced the traditional culture of Korea, therefore the embassy of Korea in Romania brought Hanbok to the fanmeeting for experience, and as a bonus, they went to a local Korea restaurant. The fanmeeting lasted 5 hours, and after that finished, Romanian fans fans went outside, where the temperature was 37-degrees to promote the campaign “Loving Korea.” This campaign had 60 fans who marched around Piata Universitatii (University Square) for 1 hour.

An official from SM Entertainment “In Super Junior’s case, we are also surprised that they have more various nationalities of fans” and “Asian Tour’s first performance will take place at the end of this week, we expect more fans to come from various countries” he said.

Followed by “Recent Eunhyuk went in vacation in Paris and he was surprised to meet local fans there. Korean stars cause a lot of interest in Asia, but they seem to be an interesting subject around the world”

source : OSEN
Credits : superjuniorforeverthirteenisland.wordpress.com
Posted By : Kim YuRin (allaboutsuperjunior.wordpress.com)

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