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Kyuhyun join in Musical “The Three Musketeers”

This poster was first appear in Super Junior’s fancafes, but there are still many who doubted its originality because it poses Kyuhyun in a poster similar to the photos that have been loaded on the calendar BIC2 2008. Fan who put this poster to SJ’s fancafe said he found the poster is printed in the newspaper subway. So many are calling this poster just the mere photo manipulation because Kyuhyun himself certainly was not present in the photoshoot.

In addition, the alias news reporters hunter has yet to say anything about the musical drama “The Three Musketeers.” which reportedly going to go up the stage in December and early January.

Kyuhyun’s participation in a drama about three famous Musketeers is experiencing a long debate, especially with rumors of a kissing scene scene in the role of D’Artagnan character played by Kyuhyun who were once given to the group leader frontman Shinee.

D’Artagnan himself is a character in the story is told as a young man who joined with Athos, Porthos and Aramis, in the face of evil Cardinal Richelieu. In the Korean version of this drama called 삼총사 (samchungsa / 3 Chungsa). Previous theatrical The Three Musketeers “has been staged in Korea before. And of course, scenes that make the Gamerz  hot and cold is the existence of a long kissing scene between d’Artagnan (Kyuhyun’s role) and Constance (Female character).

But this scene several times repeated with barbagai overhauled version. Once the director change this kissing scene into Hand Kising, where Artagnan acting down from the stage and looking Constance randomly from among the audience. And the fans argue that this is the kissing hand version that will be used to avoid the wrath of fans

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