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Rcording Haru (Behind The Story)

There is a story behind the soundtrack songs sung by Angel Haru-SuperJunior who praised the song and lead-vocal harmonizing their best. According to Oh Jansung, producer of this song which sort and monitor the recording process took place claimed to struggle almost 15 hours to harmonize the five member voice SJ. In fact he said that as a producer he had almost given up and pessimistic mepet time will make the process semi-finished recording.

I’m glad they keep fighting until the end and finish it well ”

The members themselves admit, this is the first song they perform techniques that require harmonization in almost every song. They had to stay to wait nearly 15 hours stuck in a recording chamber until Sungmin own claim headache from exhaustion due to his busy schedule plus the difficulty of the recording process. “The hardest record to one song ..”

Again and again attempted the result is not too good, but on approaching the last take, give thanks Ryeowook sounds far more neutral to fifth harmonization could melt more smoothly. Oh Jansung also praised Eunhyuk rap skills are judged very good.

One of the reasons why they postpone their vacations is because of this song. They claim to want to concentrate fully complete the single Angel well because this drama is a high-budget drama that is used to promote tourism in Korea itself which in other words there is government intervention and state officials are weighing them give the best songs. And until now, fortunately the song Angel alone reached a fairly high popularity and liked a lot of people.

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