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Ryeowook cry when recording ‘A Short Journey’

Member of Super Junior Ryeowook recently replied to his fans at the UFO by saying:

Fan: Her voice … At once I heard, I cried ..*
Ryeowook: I also cried while in the recording studio

Fan: No matter what they say, will protect Super Junior ELF. So, the spirit!
Ryeowook: Spirit !!!^^

* Fan talked about the song “Good Bye 잠시만 (A Short Journey)” which is a participation Kangin the last time before entering the draftee.

QW believe all disappointed because Kangin draftee signed for 2 years and maybe Ryeowook thought about or met him at a recording studio. (They do not live together) This song dikomposeri by Donghae, Eunhyuk lyrics written by and about the song, seemed intended to Kangin and his voice was like a message from Kangin to his fans. There are phrases like ‘I’ll go for a short time’ etc.. Come say ‘Fighting / hwaiting’ for Super Junior who is currently experiencing many difficult times!

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