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Facts About Yesung

Men whose real name is Kim Jong Woon is often called Ye Sung. He chose Ye Sung as a stage name because that name means “art-like voice” or sound art. Ye Sung name taken from the phrase “예술가 의 성대, Yesulgaee Seongdae” which means “choir of an artist.” Ye Sung was born in Cheonan, South Chungcheong, South Korea. He was born 26 years ago (the calculation of Indonesia) when calculating Korea he now 27 years old – on August 24, 1984. Ye Sung has a Mandarin name is 艺 星 Yi Xing and English name is Jeremy Kim. The owner of AB blood group has one brother named Kim Jong Jin. Ye Sung was known to be fond of his mother. He opened a shop for his mother in the Hongdae area. Babptol named her bar.
Back when still in school, his mother does not support Ye Ye Sung Sung to become a singer. To the point, he slammed a tape recorder belonging Ye Sung purchased with money saving Ye Sung own. Fortunately, Ye Sung now has become a great singer ….
In Super Junior, Ye Sung joined the sub-group like Super Junior Super Junior Happy; with Lee Teuk, Kang In, Sung Min, Shin Dong and Eun Hyuk – Super Junior KRY and, along with Kyu Hyun and Ryeo Wook.

And the reality:
1. 김종운 is Hangeul for Kim Jongwoon. And 예성 is Hangeul to Yesung.
2. His stage name “Yesung” which means “Art of Voice ‘.
3. Born on August 24, 1984. High 178. AB blood type
4. The meaning of her name is power, artistic and domestic life are more tentram.Read
5. He was Parno abis.
6. Yesung has a small finger.
7. Yesung like autumn.
8. At dinner, Yesung often megangin chopsticks, lifting the edge of the food.
9. Rooming together Ryeowook.
10. Like the same girl innocent personality.
11. Yesung often feel bored and jealous same because Heechul Heechul could play with a pet cat. Finally he bought a tortoise 300 thousand won, and was named Ttatkoma and placed in an aquarium. But it was the    tortoise never moved and just stay quiet so that Yesung even more bored.
12. There are properties that ngebuat member Yesung SJ resentful of him. Yesung like holding – holding a person’s face. Yesung says “I really liked megangin face of small people and indeed I liked the face member megangin SJ if more sleep. Because when you sleep, son SJ was very funny and looks plain. ”
13. Kyuhyun had become a victim Yesung, Kyuhyun Yesung admit that he likes mengrepe-grepein.
14. Eunhyuk Yesung most lazily into the room because, according Eunhyuk Yesung room has a different aura.
15. So also by Shiwon, “if Yesung stood behind you, completely different aura. Chill out. ”
16. If you have retired from SJ, Yesung want to do business.
17. Very fond of Ttatkoma and feel sad because the turtles can live to 80 years, because when Yesung die, who will take care of Ttatkoma??.
18. When you’re bored, often Yesung Ttatkoma chat invites.
19. Ever see Yesung Eunhyuk looked Ttatkoma and said, “Hyung, why?” And Yesung replied, “my goal to maintain him for not bored, now why do I feel more tired of it??”
20. Yesung is one – the only member who is good in terms of a portrait photograph, let alone cute self-portrait. She often commented when seeing people – people taking pictures with the wrong technique “arrrghh, I want to kill them all. Technique making them all wrong. That should be like this. Terutanma for small-eyed person like me. They should put the camera a few centimeters above the head, then navigate your view upward, tilt the head a few degrees, then smiled. Technique portrait like this would make our eyes bigger and sparkled.
21. Yesung had talked for 2 hours nonstop in one television show, but after that fateful for Yesung, edges – the producer actually mengcut 90% of Yesung. Until now Yesung can not forget the incident.
22. If sleeping, Yesung like move – move. Yesung has a habit like to wake up and sleep in a different bed every 20 minutes. So this happened when in the hotel that night. Yesung like to move a bed mattress every 20 minutes to another member. And instead of just sleeping passenger, he likes to feel – touch lips the other members.
23. Yesung strange nature, perhaps the descendants of his mother. His mother Yesung, often come in the morning to dormnya SJ and kissed members of other SJ.
24. Kangin had a story that shocked his father as his mother Yesung. At that time there was a meeting of parents SJ. His mother talked to the parents Yesung SJ else. His mother also talked to his father Kangin. – Then the mother to the father gini Yesung Kangin said “Hey, you’re the same age as me. Let’s be friends “. His father immediately Kangin Kangin stress and eventually his father never came back to the parent meetings SJ.
25. Is the opposite of Eunhyuk Yesung, he does not eat too much.
26. Have you guys named Kim Jongjin.
27. On 10 May 2008, Yesung was hospitalized after fainting berlari70 km for Charity Marathon.
28. Once Yesung amit amazed at Moon Geun-young and they both perform at a show. The ELF itself provide support on Yesung to approach her. But in any event, Yesung who will greet Moon, losing fast with a yell to the Moon ELF. “Moon, there is Yesung here” and lagsung make Yesung backwards with his face flushed with embarrassment. And actually the ELF agree if they were dating.
29. Yesung was delirious sing a song.
30. Yesung like to sneak into the rooms of other members when they’re sleeping, continues to move to another bedroom. Kangin told me “I think I have a dream Yesung. So literacy is not nobody. Scary is not it? ”
31. When accidents happen to SJ in 2007, Yesung cry for the accident that befell Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong and Kyuhyun. Leeteuk He even told me not to worry because there he will keep all members SJ. And look at the most severe circumstances it Kyuhyun Yesung not hold back the tears. Yesung including the member who is familiar with Kyuhyun, Kyuhyun because age is only a year different from her own sister. Yesung said “If you heal, I will not be angry anymore though you always do for fun to me.”
32. Yesung want to go to Canada for the honey moon.
33. When Yesung singing high school hobby to the point that Yesung was willing in the summer do not snack ice for months because he was collecting money to buy a radio. But after buying the radio, he became lazy learning and its value down eventually mama Yesung Yesung remove the radio to cry and want to run away from home.
34. Formerly the Korean ELF Yesung image search on google, they even find a picture companies – companies whose names are similar. So the search should be added “Yesung big head” they will find new images Yesung.
35. Yesung is very dear to his mother. In fact, she had cried when told of his mother at an event called “Super Junior Happy Day.” My mother used to be a registered Yesung Yesung to audition for SM without his knowledge. Anyway for Yesung, mother was very influential on him and his career.
36. After joining the SJ H, Yesung bright path seems to begin to open. He was often invited to perform in the show Star Golden Bell with Leeteuk and Eunhyuk. And the other side began to appear after Yesung often appeared on Abuse. SJ Yesung is a member of the most skilled and most passionate in the game accent relay (Tongue twister Korean-style, who play in the tone of pronunciation). Not infrequently because he wanted to show his ability to play accent relay, sprained his tongue and his tone often off the mark. If it were so, Yesung will heat itself. Instead of being calm, Oppa even added more passionate – passionate and ultimately more and sprains his tongue at the beginning of the word.
37. Most liked Yesung collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings that cost a fortune.
38. In the room there is a hair dryer Yesung, catokan and pink headbands garis2. of course all the members do not need to buy because they can borrow Yesung. Bandonya it for a facial.
39. First kissnya Yesung time class 2 sma.
40. Yesung favorite color is red.
41. He is funny and one of the comedian d among other members
42. He has been admitted to hospital stlah he fainted due to run for a charity marathon, he ran 70 km
43. He must d stlah hospital fell from the stage at 1.5 m and d freed after 2 days because he hurt his neck and waist                                 44. The next time he retired in his career as a singer, then Ye Sung will be a career in business.
45. Ye Sung had a high voice and sexy, as evidenced when she sang at Sorry, Sorry-Answer, a lot of people who praise Ye Sung’s voice at that time.

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