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Call To Kyuhyun – Simsimtapa

K = Kyuhyun , G = Gyuri , S = Shindong

K : “Hello?”
G : “Hello?”
K : “Yes~~?”
G : “Kyuhyunah…”
K : “Who is this ~~?”
G : “Oh I’m Mi Seon….”
K : “Yes?” (he’s confused)
G : “Mi Seon-ie … Mi Seon-ie..”
G : “Hello~~?”
K : “Yes~~?” (still confused)
G : “Kyuhyunah.. Is this not Kyuhyun?”
K : “It is.”
G : “I’m Mi Seon-ie….. Mi Seon-ie…..Have you been doing well~~?”
K : (just laughing)
G : “Hello?? Oh is it not Kyuhyun? Hello?”
K : “Oh yes, hello ~?”
G : “Oh Kyuhyunah….. You don’t remember me?”
K : “Oh?”
G : “Actually, in elementary school..”
K : “Yes?”
G : “We were in the same classroom together..”
K : “Mi- Miseon?”
G : “Yes.”
K : “Oh oh what, why can’t I remember?”
G : “Ah really ~~?? Ah no…”
K : “But how did u know my phone number?”
G : “Ah.. I just.. by chance.. oh.. and after I got it I wanted to know how you were doing..”
K : “Your surname, what’s your surname?”
G : “Lee”
K : “Lee Mi Seon?”
G : “I called to know how you were doing…could it be you are busy now?”
K : “Ah but how did you know my phone number?” (is still suspicious lol)
G : “No no, I actually know someone from your company… I know Shindong oppa… and he let his dongsaeng know”
K : “Donghae. Donghae hyung??”
G :” Uhm…Shindong oppa..Shindong oppa!”
K : “Aaah Shindong Hyung…….”
G : “Yes Donghee oppa, that’s how I know.”
K : “Ah but why don’t I know someone named Mi Seon??”
G : “Ah…I can’t say it but well, okay…Have u been doing well??
(Shindong suddenly talked)
(Shindong laughing )
S : “Kyuhyun sshi ??”
K : “Yes?? Hello??”
S & G : “This is Shindong and Park Gyuri’s Simsimtapa!!!!!!!”
(the three laughed so hard especially Shindong)
K : “Ah what is this! Ah~”


(not doing the trancript, but some important parts)

– This Simsimtapa was pre-recorded before, so it was not recorded at late night like SSTP’s usual airing time.

– Shindong asked what is Kyuhyun doing? Kyuhyun said he is now recording for a music program called “MUZIT” which Yesung is one of the MCs.

– Gyuri said hello to Kyuhyun and how it’s been a long time since they last met and Kyuhyun said that him and Gyuri are in the same Kyu’s line (LOL)* for those who don’t know, Gyuri and Kyu were born in the same year,1988

– Kyuhyun sang “Hope is Dream That Doesn’t Fall Asleep” LIVE !!!!!! (4:474:58)

– Kyuhyun was asked to imitate Sung Si Kyung’s Jaljayo

– Kyuhyun requested his own solo song from PASTA OST “Listen….To You”

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