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A Letter From Kyuhyun To Hankyung

“A letter from Kyuhyun to Hankyung”

Kyuhyun Hankyung write to separate from him after Hankyung ”

The only brother of China, Hankyung Hankyung Hyung Hyung …, this is your GameKyu, DraKyu you, KyuMong you, and 小 13 (Little 13)-mu
and recently I added two nicknames, so now you can also call me SlideKyu or DanceKyu. How are you hyung? Did you eat well?
You look much thinner now compared to last time I saw you. Obviously, you have been with us for over 5 years and has nearly 10 years with the 11 other hyungs since the time of training,
so I think you should be familiar with Korean food and suddenly you’re moving back to China, and yes it was different from here though only slightly or other. Hyung, have you seen our Bonamana yet?
This is very successful now, we have 2 times ranked 1 on Music Bank so far, we will have great success like what we did before with “U”, “Do not Don” and “Sorry, sorry” too right?

For me, the hit songs of us have different meanings. First, the “U”, the most important and meaningful to me. It was the debut song for me as a member of an extraordinary Korean boyband, Super Junior.
When we going to do stage a comeback of the “U”, all people especially Teukie hyung told me not to worry, do not be too nervous because I’ve given a voice of God but I’m still worried and nervous,
then just a sentence that can make me glad, it was not from anyone but you, Hankyung hyung. I still remember it till now and will never forget it even has been almost 4 years old,
do you remember what you said to me that the time hyung? Every time we have to perform on stage, “Do not worry too much Kyu, Kyu do not get nervous, I’m sure you can do so without worry.
I really understand how you feel now, it’s just like the first time I’m here with 11 other members and Yes, in these circumstances you even better than me because you like their Korean people,
not like me so it must be convinced, Cho Kyuhyun fighting! “It’s long sentences but continue to emerge in my mind, continue membuat I’m more confident, continue to give me strength more, really, I’m really grateful hyung.

Then, 2Jib (2nd Album), we managed to come back with “Do not Don”, honestly I do not want to talk about it, I was sick every time you think about the situation, I really hate this time but I also like the time in time the same time.
I remember when it was the hardest time in my life. I almost gave up everything, almost put everything to give up and go away but it all went contrast because 12 hyungs me including you, you are encouraging,
gave me the other hope, a chance to keep fighting and eventually I could, not only me but we. We do this by “Super Junior, Do not Don – Come Back” and Yes, we’re all blond and white along with Sungmin hyung too.
I, Kyuhyun many many thanks to you were 12, for deciding not to leave, decided to wait for me no matter how long the time and I’m really proud of myself that I could make
Super Junior stage with 13 members even though I only appear less than 1 minute duration, but this is how we call as a “Super Junior Stage”

Then, we 3Jib (3rd album) “Sorry, sorry”. We made a lot of hits, breaking many records and has many awards. I admit that somehow I was a little disappointed because we only have 12 members because Kibum hyung want to focus on his acting career,
we can not stop it or apalahi, but instead support it. You know, it’s not convenient only see 12 heads, 12 mic, 12 pairs of shoes, 12 sets of clothing perform and I feel like I forgot that we are air sebernya-13,
each time getting ready for performance on stage, Teukie hyung always count to make sure nothing is missing or anything else, he began to yell out “1”, pointing to herself then Heechul hyung by yelling “2” and so on until appointed me,
but I screamed as “12” instead of “13”. But there was someone who helped me with a sentence: “Kyu, no matter what, no matter when, no matter where” Super Junior alaways 13 “and YES, just because of this sentence, I imagine that Kibum hyung was always there on stage,
sing and dance with us. Do not wonder who’s to say this, not other people who he really miss me, Hankyung.

In addition, Hankyung, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun placed into another sub-group together with ZhouMi and Henry are referred to as Super Junior M under the leadership of Hankyung. Just like Super Junior, leader Teukie hyung who used to shout:
“We’re Super Junior, 우리 는 슈퍼 주니어 – 예요 ~ ~ (u-ri-neun Syupeo June-OR ~ ~)” and for the Super Junior M, are the same, you, the leader always introduced us as: “大家 好, 我们 是 Super Junior – M ~ ~ (Hello all, our Super Junior – M ~ ~) ”
I miss yelling that. Anyway, do you know that you are one of the leading dancer of the group? Do you know what happens when you go? I replace your position in break dancing, it’s very difficult for me. I always hurt myself at all times during practice.
This is not unfamiliar when seen in section break dancing. I miss tarianmu motion, I miss you MJ tribute and I really miss pengucapanmu unclear when speaking Korean.

I can not write anymore, my hands were shaking now, my letters bad and ugly, I hope you can understand and not be wondering why this letter seems to have the stain with water, it was my tears, I cried while writing this, every moment we appear in front of me like a reality.
Okay, shall end with this now, I have one more sentence to say before saying good bye to you.
Hankyung Hyung, think and remember that we are brothers from Leeteuk to Kyuhyun since we referred to as a member of Super Junior, Super Junior is only one word and will be enough for us to introduce ourselves. You are forever a part of Super Junior
and will never be forgotten from Super Junior, no matter how you decide, no matter what you do, we will support you with the love of our hearts 12.

I feel you’re always by my side even though we are separated, because “SUPER JUNIOR is ONE”. Good luck and do not take care of yourself!


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