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Suju’s member ideal type of girl!


The main one, he must have beautiful legs! Examples? Hmm … no, because until now there has been no female artists that fall into the criteria of ideal foot Kyuhyun.

– Ryeowook –

Have a nice person! and must be shorter from him! artists who enter the criteria? smooth type of girl personality like Lee Yeon Hee (Hadeuhh not the wookie I really klo nih) ckckckk

– Yesung –

So surely Moon Geun-young and Park Bo-young. Yesung is really like a girl who completely innocent! should look like and innocent baby face, his personality should also be innocent. Just do not like to appear innocent girls!

– Siwon –

Have a beautiful eye and can thrill people who look at him! Animashaun Siwon really! he seems like the same guy that has a wavy hair, and elegant. But the important thing is the eye! Maybe that’s why there are shades of magic in his eyes as Siwon stared at a woman!


Easy to say, sociable, connect, and look cute while chatting, the last he had a great cook! idelanya type that Sungmin Kang Hye Jung (his wife Tablo) Sungmin is like the girl that motherhood, so sometimes more skewed to older women. –

– Kangin –

Same with the nature of the main character girl in “My Sassy Girl” (OMG … Kangin like the kind of girl who like to oppress fierce and boys?) Must be loyal and always looked interesting – similar Teukie Was?

– Donghae–

Kim Ha Neul Gyahahaha ~ ~ (short, solid, obviously!)

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