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Lee Teuk and Ryeowook Twitter updates

Have you been well?^^ My first time having a holiday in 6 years(.) Went to Europe with members(.) Would it be the last vacation for the 20(th) generation(?)* (the) happy vacation is here~^^
*he probably meant the last vacation while hes still in his twenties.

From today onwards(,) if there is time(,) (I) will tell everyone about Super Junior Leeteuk’s vacation bit by bit^^

Because we booked late so there isn’t a direct flight(.) Had to change flight at Japan and had the situation where we only reached Italy after 15 hours using the economy*..Europe Italy airlines..ㅡㅡ Euk..but from what I thought(,) it was faster and it was comfortable^^2 flight tickets~~~^^
*He probably meant sitting in the economy class

The Italy clouds from what I see on the plane~I didn’t have a lot of energy to run forward during this period of time(…) I will work harder next time…^^

Can you see the photos?…ㅡㅡ

Italy’s sky as seen from inside the plane^^ It was really busy during this period of time(,) really tired, in order to work harder to run next time(,) I have to adjust my mindset..^^

jja~jan!!^^Venice’s first vacation starts!!Coming here really isn’t easy..ㅠㅠReally grazie(Thank you in Italian)to the help given by the Italian fans at the airport!! But they can recognize us even at (places like) hereㅋㅋReally is Super Junior’s Italy Vacation GO GO!!!^^

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