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Kyuhyun causes spotty

Do you know? Kyuhyun if it is known as a member of level to very high-sensitifan skin? Since the first skin of her face was always prone to acne. If you’re keen to see the photo – close-up Kyuhyun would be aware of the former hole in the inner cheek. What may make, Kyuhyun was the most difficult if told to eat vegetables. Sometimes force for Donghae should persuade him to eat vegetables if only one or two spoons! not surprisingly not as slippery as his skin Kyuhyun Donghae> 0 <

But when he asked about her skin sensitive CHJ, Kyuhyun had good reason – YESUNG!

How can Yesung? what to do to try? Yesung Kyuhyun said because people have a habit of pinching the cheek carelessly, so his skin so bad because often touched by it! “

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