Italian ELF Account

Their plane landed at 6:50 PM, passengers who happened to one girl said that fourth plane was intercepted by police and checked, and they look very embarrassed seen by many people. But what the problem is nobody knows, only hampered the possibility of migration issues, etc. (perhaps bawa2 kimchie to be a problem wkwkwk italy)

Fan account ELF Italy

They come out at 7:10 and immediately hurried away. We memtuskan to not intercept them at the exit so as not to make them be the center of attention, and provide space for walking. I was near Leeteuk, and my friend managed to ask for a signature Giulia

Eunhyuk own separate runs of 3 other colleagues, it seems he was not aware that the three friends stopped behind Donghae serve the fans to catch up and told to wait. We intend to give gifts on Leeteuk but nevertheless see them hurry – hurry to go to the train station and we memtuskan not to follow and choose to sit near esklator to rest.

But they had four unexpected return and greet us, they said they got lost and did not know the road. Seeing them like a necklace ling we laughed and laughed as he asked them which one to ride the train to go to Rome Termini

To go to the station we had to emnggunakan escalator, we had wanted to photograph them, but to see them covered his face with a hoodie we cancel intentions. Arriving at the destination station, we asked “Where’s your ticket?” But it seems they do not understand the language of italy and we tried to explain with body language and seems to capture emreka about tickets in question.

They do not have a ticket and eventually Kemi help them buy with our money because they are very difficult to see the vending machine to conquer the ahhaah ~ ~ But when we were queuing, Eunhyuk arrived – come join the queue next to book tickets and we tried to stop him. Leeteuk who saw seemed to understand that Eunhyuk not need to buy a ticket again, he walked Eunhyuk and speak in Korean.

After getting a ticket we asked them to come to the station. We were a bit difficult to explain to them that the train 10 minutes late. But they seem to understand when I have to wait for a train ticket with a request stamp. (Italian train together like the people .. .. lelet kwkwkwkkw)

I went towards the Leeteuk, he brought a souvenir of our bags and we found out he often put the bag on the floor. We only fear a bottle of wine in it broken or cracked due to slam into the ground, we were told to bag should not be slammed. But the limitations of the English language, I forgot to mention wine. I then took the bottle of wine from the bag, look at and say Kansamida Leeteuk! Kansamida “bowing

Starting from here, their attitude softened and more friendly. Maybe at first they were afraid of us taking action too far, but they do not know too angapan about Italians. See them begin to change our nature dared ask for a signature

Leeteuk say “thank you” and we membalasa “Prego” an artist “sama2” but he seemed surprised and expression of his face as if he was afraid the wrong way. We rush – rush to say “Yes, no, grazie grazie!” (Which means thank you)

Leeteuk was issued a dictionary translator and emncari said Thank You, saying he would like grazie with the wrong accent, finally a fix and say Wookie on our Grazie. While dongahe asked my friend who was standing next to “this is my train?” When he saw the train that arrived there. My friend knew a little shock when Dongahe asked him before answering “yes”

Because we know that they are not allowed to take pictures with fans in a public place, we asked if we could take pictures they were 4? But again – again they do not capture the intent and greeting us. Hae Leeteuk looked Wook and hope they understand but they also appear not to understand what – what.

Finally summoned Leeteuk Eunhyuk (Hyuk Leeteuk kynya rely on the free recall him ever to europe wkwkwk) “Eunhyuk Eunhyuk-ah-ah.” Eunhyuk turned and pointed toward the train “Termini? Termini? “XD

We just wish they had a slingshot-4, but Leeteuk spontaneously invited us to join their pictures taken together. Despite rapid progress, but we managed to capture photos with DJ Sukira Eun-Teuk. Even Eunhyuk dipundakku put her hand and smiling into the camera.

Finally they entered the train and we say hello to them were four separate

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