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(Cyworld) Ryeowook : Will be Living seriously every day

Writing some delayed songs

10 minutes more before six o’clock this morning

Have a breakfast, clean my face, clear up the things, and the time is just passed away~

Time passed very fast..

(just come back from China To Korea, when writing the date in the form,oh..? It’s 12th date again..) But today is 13th..

Will be living seriously everyday~^^

The 4th album promotion has end~ Following by the Concerts

I want to make some lists here..

KRY Tokyo Concert, Seoul super show, Seoul SMTown Concert, Qingdao Super Show, LA SMTown concert, Shanghai SMTown Concert, and the others like Hallyu Concert and Dream Concert.

Wow~ Daebak~~

Eventhough the concerts will be continue, but from now on there are 1 month time to have a rest..

Ryeowook will go to school~~ To celebrate Chueseok with Family~going stroll with other members~continue writing song that have been delayed so long~

Studying chinese language, practice singing, have a sport activities and many more~I expected will be there many activities to do^^

Eventhough 2010th year passing so quickly, You guys please living seriously every day until the end of the year^^!!

Now, i feel so sleepy~All of you guys, Good night^^

Actually, it should be good morning~


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